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Alpha is a period of development of Scrap Mechanic. It began in October 2014 and ended in January 2016. The game was closed off to the public for the entirety of this phase and early Beta. It did not become publicly available until On January 20th, 2016, when the game was released on Steam.

Alpha had many differences from Beta. Below are the differences that can be identified from official posts, videos, and images.

This page is a work in progress. Images coming soon.

Added During Alpha

The following features seen in the Beta release were added during Alpha:



Machine Parts



Most blocks had different textures in early Alpha. For example, the Concrete Block was originally a solid gray.

Stone Block

A darker gray block with a texture is seen a few times, presumably Stone. A Stone block is mentioned once.

Colored Blocks

Various colored blocks are seen in a few early images. Blue, cyan, and yellow are some of the colors seen.


Sledge Hammer

In the debut trailer, the player can be seen removing Wheels while having a Sledge Hammer equipped. This is impossible in Beta due to the blocking function, so blocking must not have been in the game during early Alpha.


The Lift was originally red instead of yellow.

Paint Tool

There is evidence of a functional Paint Tool in many screenshots, most notably in Devblog 5. Various parts and blocks have obviously been recolored.

Connect Tool

The Connect Tool didn't have a viewmodel in the debut trailer. It once had a transparent screen, according to a model render.


The Handbook had less tabs, a very different HUD icon, and didn't have a viewmodel.

Machine Parts

Driver's Seat

The Driver's Seat had a fuel bar on its screen up until the very end of Alpha. It may return in Survival Mode.


The Gas Engine and Electric Engine had a different GUI, resembling the top of their models.


Bearings had a solid orange color in early Alpha.


The Controller had a reverse mode, indicated by double edged arrow icon next to the loop icon in the GUI. Presumably, when the sequence was completed, it would perform the sequence in reverse, then start the sequence again.


Switches weren't animated and its lights didn't glow.


All items had smaller, perspective-distorted icons.


Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes appear many times in the debut trailer.


A cyan desk chair was seen in the debut trailer.


A short 2-rung wooden ladder was seen in the debut trailer.


A light blue open crate was seen in the debut trailer.

Fuse Box

The Fuse Box had a different model, with an indented panel and centered icon.

Air Condition

The Air Condition had a different model. It had curved edges and was blue on the front, similar to its post-Beta 0.2.5 model.


In early Alpha, Farmbots (then known as Agribots) were in the game, with functional AI and animation. This can be seen in the debut trailer. Its model can be found in the Beta game files, along with a model for an early version of the Totebot, which lacks animation.

The 4-way arrow icon seen when a block is selected was yellow.

The hammer was shown when placing an object on a Bearing. This was changed to the current impact driver during mid-Alpha.

The Connect Tool's connection lines were dotted in late Alpha. They were solid earlier in Alpha.

In early Alpha, the hammer model and swinging animation were different when placing an object. The hammer did not appear in third person. Parts were removed instantly and the crowbar was not shown.


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