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Capsules are Parts in Scrap Mechanic that spawn Robots or Animals when destroyed with a Weapon.

Robot Capsules[edit | edit source]

Painting a capsule will paint the spawned robot. A painted robot will attack robots painted a color different than itself.

Image Name Robot
GreenTotebotCapsule.png Green Totebot Capsule Green Totebot
HaybotCapsule.png Haybot Capsule Haybot
TapebotCapsule.png Tapebot Capsule Blue Tapebot
RedTapebotCapsule.png Red Tapebot Capsule Red Tapebot
FarmbotCapsule.png Farmbot Capsule Farmbot

Animal Capsules[edit | edit source]

Animal Capsules are paintable but don't paint the animal inside.

Image Name Animal
GlowbugCapsule.png Glowbug Capsule Glowb
WocCapsule.png Woc Capsule Woc