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The build area.

Challenge Mode is a gamemode in Scrap Mechanic.

Features[ | ]

  • Cannot take damage or die, unless the "Health" challenge setting is enabled
  • Limited Parts, Blocks, and Interactive Parts
  • Basic building functionality
  • Fifty Challenges in current release
  • Ability to play community-created Challenges via the Steam Workshop
  • Mechanics who fall off the map will be moved to a Player Start
  • Pressing F5 (by default) resets the challenge, respawning players at Player Starts and restoring any built creations to the Build Platform

Master Mechanic Trials[ | ]

The set of official Challenges is known as the Master Mechanic Trials. Completing all fifty of them unlocks the Stuntman outfit.

Multiplayer[ | ]

Challenge Mode supports up to four players. Only the hosting player can reset and restart challenges. If the "Client Toilet" setting is enabled, each guest player spawns with a Toilet as an additional seat.

Challenge Builder[ | ]

Main article: Challenge Builder

The Challenge Builder is used to build Challenge maps. Challenges can be uploaded onto the Steam Workshop.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Initially, Challenge Mode was supposed to be golf focused, this was changed since it did not fit as a mode concept.[citation needed] Golf mode was finally made in its full glory as a Custom Game mod in 0.6.0.
  • The ambience track in Challenge Mode is referred to as "Lunar Factory" in audio files of the game. This may suggest that the Challenge Mode facility takes place on the on the moon orbiting the planet where Survival Mode takes place. The currently unused Straggler audio logs confirm the existence of a moon and a moonbase on it, but the only thing it indicates is that there is a crew present at the base and that communications with it are down.
  • In the game files, Challenge Mode assets include water from Survival Mode, currently used in the last 10 challenges of the Master Mechanic Trials.

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