Scrap Mechanic Wiki

Character Customization is the process of changing the appearance of the player character in Scrap Mechanic.


The Mechanic can be customized in the Character menu, accessed through the main menu or by using the Wardrobe section of a Dressbot.

A variety of skin tones, faces, hair colors, and hair styles are available, as well as unlockable Clothing.

Additional hair colors can be seen by scrolling down while hovering over the bar of colors. Scrolling up returns to the colors seen initially.


Name Image (Male) Image (Female)
Face 1 Face1Male.png Face1Female.png
Face 2 Face2Male.png Face2Female.png
Face 3 Face3Male.png Face3Female.png
Face 4 Face4Male.png Face4Female.png
Face 5 Face5Male.png Face5Female.png
Face 6 Face6Male.png Face6Female.png
Face 7 Face7Male.png Face7Female.png
Face 8 Face8Male.png Face8Female.png
Face 9 Face9Male.png Face9Female.png
Face 10 Face10Male.png Face10Female.png
Face 11 Face11Male.png Face11Female.png


Name Image (Male) Image (Female)
Mechanic HairMechanicMale.png HairMechanicFemale.png
Hawk HairHawkMale.png HairHawkFemale.png
Uppercut HairUppercutMale.png HairUppercutFemale.png
Hinge HairHingeMale.png HairHingeFemale.png
Samurai HairSamuraiMale.png HairSamuraiFemale.png
Army HairArmyMale.png HairArmyFemale.png
Natural HairNaturalMale.png HairNaturalFemale.png
Princess HairPrincessMale.png HairPrincessFemale.png
Bob HairBobMale.png HairBobFemale.png
Side Bang HairSideBangMale.png HairSideBangFemale.png
Waffle HairWaffleMale.png HairWaffleFemale.png
Bun HairBunMale.png HairBunFemale.png
Cornrows HairCornrowsMale.png HairCornrowsFemale.png

Facial Hair[]

Name Image (Male) Image (Female)
Classic FacialHairClassicMale.png FacialHairClassicFemale.png
Baguette FacialHairBaguetteMale.png FacialHairBaguetteFemale.png
Scarf FacialHairScarfMale.png FacialHairScarfFemale.png
Duckietail FacialHairDuckietailMale.png FacialHairDuckietailFemale.png
Continental FacialHairContinentalMale.png FacialHairContinentalFemale.png
Lumberjack FacialHairLumberjackMale.png FacialHairLumberjackFemale.png
Fat Walrus FacialHairFatWalrusMale.png FacialHairFatWalrusFemale.png
Piston FacialHairPistonMale.png FacialHairPistonFemale.png
Handlebar FacialHairHandlebarMale.png FacialHairHandlebarFemale.png
Schnitzel FacialHairSchnitzelMale.png FacialHairSchnitzelFemale.png
King Beard FacialHairKingBeardMale.png FacialHairKingBeardFemale.png
Bearing FacialHairBearingMale.png FacialHairBearingFemale.png
Villain FacialHairVillainMale.png FacialHairVillainFemale.png
Gentlemen FacialHairGentlemenMale.png FacialHairGentlemenFemale.png


See Clothing.



  • 0.4.8
    • The name of the currently selected item now appears in the Character menu.
    • The camera perspective now changes when accessing the Character menu from the main menu.
      • Now shows the Mechanic head-on, in a different location compared to previously.
      • The Mechanic can now be rotated.
  • 0.4.0
    • Added full character customization.


  • ???
    • Added character gender selection.