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Connect Tool

Connect Tool is a tool in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[ | ]

Used to connect Interactive Parts together.

Usage[ | ]

When the Connect Tool is selected, colored dots will appear on interactive parts. To connect one part to another, click and drag on one of the dots and release when hovering over another dot. If done successfully, a line should appear between the two parts, showing that they're connected. The line will also have small black arrows on it, indicating which part activates the other. The arrows point from the control part to the action part.

The numbering of parts connected to a Controller, Driver's Seat, or Seat and the rotation direction of Bearings connected to a Controller, Driver's Seat, Gas Engine, or Electric Engine are also visible when the Connect Tool is selected. The rotation direction of connected bearings can be toggled with right-click.

To disconnect two connected parts, drag from one part to the other again, as if making another connection. Or, drag the connection off of the action part and release it when not hovering over any valid part. The latter method is much faster, because it requires less mouse movement.

Note that only parts belonging to the same construction may be connected. You can check this while dragging out a connection; all invalid connection points will disappear.

Crafting[ | ]

ScrapMetalBlock CircuitBoard
10 2
00:19 (Level 5)
Craftbot basic Craftbot

Trivia[ | ]

In the exclusive developer inventory there is a placeable variant named obj_tool_connect . This variant is not available in either Creative, Challenge, or Survival.

History[ | ]

Beta[ | ]

  • 0.5.1
    • Fixed connection highlight color.
  • 0.5.0
    • Fixed connection rendering issues that could occur when more than 1024 Interactive Parts are present.
  • 0.4.6
    • Tools can now be dropped.
  • 0.3.0
    • Remade first and third person animations.
  • Somewhere between 0.1.24 and 0.1.18
    • Renamed Connection Tool to Connect Tool.

Alpha[ | ]

  • ???
    • Added Connect Tool (as "Connection Tool").

Gallery[ | ]