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Craftbot is a crafting station in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[ | ]

The Craftbot is the primary crafting station in Survival Mode. It is used to craft many items. It is created by using a Dispenserbot at a Mechanic Station.

Usage[ | ]

Unlike the Mini Craftbot, the Craftbot has all crafting recipes available and is capable of being upgraded.

The Craftbot can be automated by using connected Large Chests. By having viable input and output chests, it can loop a sequence of crafting processes for as long as it has access to the required items. When the items run out, the sequence will terminate automatically. The Craftbot will also pull inventory out of chests connected to other chests with Vacuum Pipes. This allows the player to connect the output chest to an input chest, which can help with multi-stage crafting operations.

If you have trouble connecting Large Chests, aim for the connection port to limit the rotations.

When a Craftbot's output is linked to a Large Chest, crafted items will be automatically stored when completed. When a Craftbot's input is linked to a Large Chest, it will pull materials from the chest to craft items. This disables the ability for the Craftbot to recognize items in player inventories. Instead, it will only recognize items stored in Large Chests connected to it.

Crafting[ | ]

ScrapMetalBlock CircuitBoard ComponentKit
90 10 10

Upgrades[ | ]

Upgrading the Craftbot gives it additional crafting slots, starting with only two. The first four upgrade levels cost 5 Component Kits each and unlocks 2 crafting slots per upgrade. Level 5 costs 20 Component Kits and reduces all crafting times by approximately 50%.

Level Component Cost Slots Crafting Speed
1 - 2 1x
2 5 4
3 6
4 8
5 20 2x

Due to how crafting times are calculated, Level 5 crafting times are always one or two seconds longer than they should be. It also results in items with low base crafting times being reduced by only one or two seconds.

This is the line of Lua code that determines the crafting time in ticks. It can be found in Survival/Scripts/game/interactables/Crafter.lua on line 486, as well as on lines 568, 608, 933, and 1043 (as of 0.6.5).

                local recipeCraftTime = math.ceil( recipe.craftTime / self.crafter.speed ) + 120 -- 1s windup + 2s winddown

It takes the crafting time for the recipe in ticks, divides it by the crafting speed of the used Craftbot, rounds it up (in ticks, not in seconds) and then adds 120 ticks (3 seconds) to that crafting time. The developer comments seem to refer to the windup and winddown animations that need a total of 3 seconds to complete.

Since only the base crafting time is affected by the crafting speed, the Level 5 crafting times always end up being a second or two longer than half of their apparent base speed. Due to this and the fact that it rounds up instead of rounding down, items with short base crafting times will receive very little reduction in crafting time. For example, an item that takes 5 seconds to craft is defined as having a crafting time of 2 seconds (2 + 3 = 5). 2 seconds is 80 ticks, which gets divided by 2 (40 ticks), then 120 ticks are added. The resulting crafting time is 160 ticks, or 4 seconds. This is one second longer than what one would expect from simply dividing the displayed crafting time in half and rounding up (ceil(5 / 2) = 3).

All base crafting times are defined in whole seconds, and there are 40 ticks in a second, so rounding will never actually be performed in the Lua script unless the base crafting time is a decimal that results in an odd-numbered tick value.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Craftbot has a pegboard on its backside, which holds a level, a screwdriver, and a saw.

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