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Crashed maintenance ship

The crashed ship, as seen in the Survival Mode trailer.

Crashed Maintenance Ship is a structure in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[ | ]

The Crashed Maintenance Ship is a spacecraft which was piloted by the Mechanic and owned by Wonk Enterprises. The Mechanic lost control during flight and it crashed on the planet's surface, leaving the Mechanic as a survivor.

A Master Battery is required to power the ship. This turns on the interior lights, allows the Mini Craftbot to be used, and opens the yellow panel in the cockpit area containing the Logbook.

The area surrounding the ship is known as the Crash Site. There is only one of these tiles in the game, so the ship's surroundings will always be the same.

Contents[ | ]

The Crashed Maintenance Ship contains the following accessible items:

Trivia[ | ]

  • The area around the crash site has several Burned Trees, making it an important early-game source of Embers, which are required to craft Metal Block 2 and other blocks.
  • Before the Logbook was added, its terminal stayed closed when the ship was powered, though it still had a Use prompt when looking at it.
  • A sticker hidden on top of the Logbook terminal depicts a Mug on top of an Off-Road Suspension. This is a reference to ScrapMan, a popular Scrap Mechanic YouTuber, and is known as a "Suspension mug".
  • A sticker on Logbook terminal shows a calzone hat with safety straps. This is a reference to biker.png, the image found when scanning the Plant Container's QR code.
  • It is possible to find a second Crashed Maintenance Ship. This ship lacks a Mini Craftbot, Logbook terminal, and Master Battery slot, and has fewer items inside. Only one instance of this second ship is generated per world, always on an island in the northwest corner of the map. This ship has a 3 on its exterior roof, while the starting area ship has a 7.
  • Early iterations of the Crashed Maintenance Ship were present in the game files in early Beta before the release of Survival Mode.
  • An asset icon for the early model of Crashed Maintenance Ship from Devblog 18 could be found in the game files in versions before 0.4.6.

Gallery[ | ]