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The welcome screen, seen in older Beta versions.

Creative Mode is a gamemode in Scrap Mechanic.

Features[ | ]

  • No naturally spawned Robots or Animals
  • Robots spawned from painted Capsules will be painted as well, and will be hostile to other robots painted a different color
  • Cannot take damage or die
  • Infinite Parts, Blocks, Interactive Parts, and Consumables
  • Basic building functionality
  • All Tools are available
  • Tools do not require ammo to use
  • Creations can be saved and loaded with the Lift
  • Interactive Parts do not require fuel or ammo
  • Terrain is generated by shuffling pre-made tiles or generating a world made using the World Builder
  • Terrain and flat world types
  • Workshop can be used
  • Smaller world size compared to Survival Mode

Trivia[ | ]

  • Creative Mode worlds have corn and cucumbers as decorative crops.
    • Prior to 0.4.0, there were eggplant crops present as well (which are still available in the Tile Builder). All three were in the game as early as 0.1.11, well before Survival Mode added harvestable crops.