Scrap Mechanic Wiki

The welcome screen, seen in older Beta versions.

Creative Mode is a gamemode in Scrap Mechanic.


  • No naturally spawned Robots or Animals.
  • Cannot take damage or die.
  • Infinite Parts, Blocks, and Interactive Parts.
  • Basic building functionality.
  • All Tools are available.
  • Tools do not require ammo to use.
  • Creations can be saved and loaded with the Lift.
  • Interactive Parts do not require fuel or ammo.
  • Terrain is generated by shuffling pre-made tiles or generating a world made using the World Builder.
  • Terrain and flat world types.
  • Workshop can be used.
  • Much smaller world size compared to Survival Mode.


  • Creative Mode worlds have many decorative crops, including corn, cucumbers, and eggplants. These were seen well before Survival Mode added harvestable crops.