Scrap Mechanic Wiki

Cut Content are features in Scrap Mechanic that were either removed or disabled before being released.

Farmer/Delivery Car[]

Pre-built vehicles known as Farmer Cars or Delivery Cars were to be found in Survival Mode at one point, either to use before obtaining a Craftbot (likely prior to the addition of the Mini Craftbot and/or the Scrap Driver's Seat and Scrap Gas Engine) or as an option for players who did not want to build a vehicle themselves. They would have been left behind by farmers, possibly near Farmer Shacks. It was likely cut because the developers wished to encourage players to build their own vehicles.

The hubcaps of the rear wheels of the cars were planned to be separate parts that could be swapped out.

The Concave Wedge and License Plate were originally designed for the car. They are the only parts from it that were added to the game. Models for the other car parts can be found in the game files, including an antenna.

The gear symbol on the side of the car was reused for the Delivery Hat, and the rest of the Delivery set has a similar green and white color scheme. This implies the car was intended as some kind of delivery vehicle for farmers.

Cut Clothing[]

Several cut Clothing items are mentioned in CustomizationDescriptions.json. These include full Duck and Spacehiker outfits. A Jetpack is also listed in the backpack section, though it is unknown if this item is part of an outfit or not.


Many cut block textures could be found in Pre-Release version of the Survival build, they include:

  • Circuit Block (Early iteration of Circuit Board)
  • Coal Block
  • Copper Block
  • Ice Block
  • "Building" Block
  • Error Block (Resembling early texture of Plaster Block)
  • Taped Plaster Block
  • Early textures of Metal and Concrete block tiers