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Farmers are non-player characters in Scrap Mechanic.


Farmers are similar to Mechanics in appearance. They have an angular nose and a wide, grey beard, with very thick eyebrows obscuring their eyes.

Farmers appear in-game as Caged Farmers and at the Farmers Hideout.


Farmers were employed by Wonk Enterprises to oversee farming operations on the planet. It is heavily implied that Farmbots did all of the manual labor for them, so all the Farmers did was sell crops and relax. They lived and sold items at Farmer Shacks.

After the Robots turned on their masters, many Farmers sought refuge at the Farmers Hideout. Others fled to Campsites, where they were discovered by Haybots and Totebots and imprisoned in spherical cages.


  • Farmers wear the same Clothing as the Farmer outfit.