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The hideout entrance.
The hideout building.
Shop at the hideout.

Farmers Hideout is a structure in Scrap Mechanic.


The Farmers' Hideout is where Trading is performed, exchanging Produce Crates and Caged Farmers to sell in exchange for items such as the Spud Gun, Spud Shotgun and Spudling Gun. The Farmers Hideout is located behind the first Packing Station encountered by the player. Only one Farmers Hideout generates in Survival Mode worlds.

To sell your packaged produce, place the shipments or park your vehicle on the marked area to the right of the trader and push the button.

The Farmers' Hideout has a smokestack that can be seen from a distance. Use this to locate it.


See Trading.


  • The pipe that sucks in tradeable objects resembles an oversized Vacuum Pump.
  • One of the signs at the entrance depicts a yellow Totebot Head, despite that variant of Totebot not being added yet.
  • At night, fireflies will appear and glow above the pond near the Hideout.



  • 0.4.3
    • Broken hideouts fixed.
  • 0.4.0
    • Added Farmers Hideout.
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