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Glowb, or Glowbug, is an animal in Scrap Mechanic.


Glowbs are very small glowing yellow and green colored creatures. They spawn underwater on the ocean floor, though they can survive both underwater and on land.

Hold right mouse to pick up a Glowb. Left-click to release it.

Glowbs take damage if a player stands on them.


Glowbs can be fed 15 Cardboard Blocks to produce 1 Glow. It is recommended that you take the Glowb out of the water to feed it, which makes this process much easier.

Naval Propulsion[]

Glowbs exert forces on creations. This makes them an effective, if unconventional, propulsion method for traversing water. In large enough numbers, almost any ship can be propelled to a speed comparable to the players swimming speed.

Glowb Power / Glowb Drive[]

6 George chamber George Drive on a wooden vessel.jpg

A 3x3x3 chamber of any material with a 2x3 opening in the front. In the middle of the 2x3 opening should be a valve or other block with an odd collision box. Cardboard should be placed more than 2 blocks away from the front face of the chamber, out of reach but not out of sight for the Glowbs.


  • Glowbs are referred to as "Glowgorp", "Glob", or "Worm" in the game's script files.
  • Glowbs were referred to as "glow-worms" before the name Glowb was chosen.
  • The spawn capsule for Glowbs is named "Glowbug Capsule". This suggests that "Glowbug" is an alternate official name for the Glowb.
  • All Robots are hostile to Glowbs if they do not detect Mechanics or Wocs.



  • 0.5.0
    • Increased health from 25 to 100.
  • 0.4.6
    • Lowered amount of Cardboard Blocks eaten per Glow produced from 16 to 15.
  • 0.4.0
    • Added Glowb.