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Attack DamagePoke: 20 (Normal)
Poke: 10 (Easy)
Swing: 30 (Normal)
Swing: 15 (Easy)

Haybot is an enemy in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[ | ]

Haybots are orange Robots with red eyes and a pitchfork arm. They are commonly found in and around Ruins, as well as in Meadows and Fields.

Haybots take five Sledgehammer hits to destroy, four with a Spud Gun, five with a Spudling Gun, and two at point-blank range with a Spud Shotgun.

Strategy[ | ]

Haybots have a distinctive idle sound. Listen for them while exploring Ruins to tell if any Haybots are close by.

Haybots have two attacks. The first is a poke/impale attack, which deals 20 damage and has a delay before attacking once Haybot's target is in range. The second attack is a swing attack, which deals 30 damage and happens only in response to a player's attack. Use the delay of the poke attack to your advantage when fighting them with the Sledgehammer. Swing as soon as possible when the Haybot gets close. Back up continuously to stay as far away as possible while still being close enough to land an attack. You can also go to their side when they start an attack and hit them while also avoiding taking damage, but this can be more difficult when there are multiple Haybots.

Fighting multiple Haybots at once with just the Sledgehammer can be difficult. Turn around and sprint away to give yourself some distance from them, which also gives some time for your health to regenerate. Try to take them out one at a time to reduce their numbers faster, sprinting away again when your health gets too low.

Haybots will avoid stepping into water, even though they have the ability to swim. They may still sometimes venture into shallow water to close in for an attack. Similarly, they will run away from a spinning Saw Blade or Drill, but will also get closer to it in order to attack a nearby target.

Splashing Haybots with Water (using a Water Bucket or Water Cannon) stuns them briefly. This is useful for defending crops from attacking Haybots, since it provides a short amount of time to fend off additional incoming robots. If a stunned Haybot falls into deep water, it will try to swim out of the water. If the water is shallow, it may become stuck. The Haybot has a separate animation for swimming.

If a Sensor is used to fire a Mountable Spud Gun, it will not detect the Haybot's legs, so the Sensor should be placed at least 3 blocks above the ground.

Drops[ | ]

Item Chance Quantity
None 50% -
Circuit Board 33.3% 1
Component Kit 16.7%

Scrap Metal always spawns when a Haybot is destroyed.

Trivia[ | ]

  • As their name suggests, Haybots were built to collect hay with their pitchfork arms and pack it using their mouth tape. They seem to still be doing this, as piles of hay can be found in many Ruins. Additionally, they have hay sticking out of their bodies in various places.
  • They have a swimming animation, but they will not enter water unless pushed into it.
  • Blueprints for Haybots are located on the walls in the main building of Mechanic Stations.
  • Amusingly, Haybots will occasionally trip when descending Ruin stairs. This is because they do not slow down when descending stairs, and their movement speed is just fast enough for them to fling themselves off the steps slightly when nearing the bottom, which makes them tumble.

History[ | ]

Beta[ | ]

  • 0.5.0
    • Increased health from 25 to 100.
    • Headshots no longer deal extra damage.
  • 0.4.6
    • Scrap Metal will not fly away from where the Haybot was killed as often.
  • 0.4.0
    • Added Haybot.

Gallery[ | ]