Scrap Mechanic Wiki

Launch options (also known as launch parameters or launch arguments) can be used to change game settings before running the game.

List of known launch options[]

Launch options have to be separated by a space when used in combination with each other.

Option Description
-dev Enables automatic script reloading, throws mod errors on game launch, opens the console in a separate window, and changes the behavior of some internal features.
Not to be confused with Dev Mode.
Opens the game in windowed mode.
-connect_steam_id <SteamId64> Connects to the player with the specified Steam ID, but only if they are hosting a session.
-friend_steam_id <SteamId64> Connects to the session that the player with the specified Steam ID is in, even if they are not hosting.
-open "/path/to/save.db" Automatically opens a save file, completely skipping the main menu. The path starts in the current working directory. Environment variables don't work, but data paths such as $GAME_DATA do.

Steam browser protocol[]

The Steam browser protocol can be used to launch the game with launch options by visiting an URL.

The usage is as follows: steam://rungameid/387990//<args>.
Because URLs can't contain spaces, %20 has to be used as separator instead.


steam://rungameid/387990//-dev - Launches the game in developer mode
steam://rungameid/387990//-connect_steam_id%2076561198058083877%20-friend_steam_id%2076561198058083877 - Launches the game and automatically tries to join Kacper (SteamId64 = 76561198058083877), who is one of the developers.

Steam Runtime Parameters[]

By adding the path to the steam executable, you can run these startup parameters from the command line ( not steam-cmd )

Command Window Examples[]

C:\Windows\System32>"C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steam.exe" -- "steam://rungameid/387990//"
C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\>steam.exe -- "steam://rungameid/387990//"