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Wrench Building

A Mechanic Station.


The bunkhouse.

Mechanic Station is a structure in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[ | ]

The Mechanic Station is a large building with a giant illuminated wrench sign on its roof. This sign is lit even when the building lacks power, which makes it easy to see the building from a distance.

A bunkhouse with three rooms is next to the main building. Each bunk room (also known as a sleeping capsule) has two Beds that can be slept in.

Two Mechanic Stations generate in a single world. The first is found northeast from the Crash Site, along the main road. The second is found further to the northeast, due north from the Fruit Packing Station.

Usage[ | ]

The building contains a Mini Craftbot and a Dispenserbot. In order to use these, the Mechanic Station must be powered with a Master Battery. It can be found in one of the bunkhouse rooms next to the main building, in the middle room, labeled with a 2 above the door. A Haybot also spawns in this room. For this reason, sleep in one of the other rooms to avoid any future hassle.

Contents[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The exterior walls of the Mechanic Station are decorated with an image of a mechanic holding a Connect Tool and a Handbook.
  • Mechanic Stations formerly served as workshops and a home base for Mechanics, where they could refill their vehicles with Gasoline and sleep in the bunk rooms.
  • Haybot blueprints are found on the walls in the main building.
  • Static structures like Mechanic Stations are duplicated if the world size is modified to be larger than the default values. This means more than two Mechanic Stations will be present in the world. The amount increases the larger the world is.

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