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OGRE was a rendering engine used for Scrap Mechanic.


Scrap Mechanic formerly used the OGRE rendering engine, which stands for Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine.[1] It was used alongside a custom plugin named Bullet, which is an external physics engine responsible for all of the physics calculations in Scrap Mechanic. [2]

However, the engine was changed with the first major update, being version 0.2.0 (otherwise known as the Winter Update). The new in-house rendering engine had been in development since August and was made to fix numerous bugs, mostly related to certain integrated Intel cards, which some players had issues with.


  • OGRE is notable as it is the same rendering engine that Roblox used until 2014.
  • Many older models in the game files use the OGRE mesh format. These .mesh files can be opened with Ogre Meshy.
    • Most of these models have missing textures when viewed in Ogre Meshy. This seems to be because Scrap Mechanic uses some custom texture feature that Ogre Meshy does not recognize.



  • 0.2.0
    • OGRE was replaced by Axolot's own rendering engine.


  • ???
    • OGRE was implemented.