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Packing Station is a structure in Scrap Mechanic.


Packing Stations are used to package Food into Produce Crates for use in Trading.


The billboard at the Packing Station demonstrates how to use it. This involves building a vehicle equipped with a Vacuum Pump attached to a Large Chest. Bring the vehicle up to one of the input slots so that the Vacuum Pump touches the opening. The slot will compress and the arrow above it will turn blue. Activate the Vacuum Pump (with a Button or Switch) to feed the appropriate items into the Packing Station. The bar display indicates how many items have been stored. Once this maxes out at 10 items, a Produce Crate will be ejected from the machine.

The display has only 7 bars, despite requiring 10 items, so each individual bar does not always correspond with the amount of stored items.


There are two types of Packing Stations: one that packages vegetables (Tomatoes, Redbeets, Broccoli, and Carrots) and another that packages fruits (Bananas, Blueberries, Oranges, and Pineapples). The vegetable Packing Station, identified by a Broccoli Crate sign, is always found along the road east of the first Mechanic Station, with the Farmers Hideout behind it to the north. The fruit Packing Station, identified by a Banana Crate sign, is found further east down the road. Two additional Packing Stations (one of each type) are found to the far north.



  • 0.4.6
    • Increased horizontal detection range of input slots.
  • 0.4.0
    • Added Packing Station.



If your delivery vehicle has suspension, the input slots refuse to accept items, with the items clanging against it instead. When this occurs, reposition your vehicle and try again. Lowering the position of the Vacuum Pump seems to help resolve this problem.