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Silo District is a structure in Scrap Mechanic.



The Silo District is a large complex of silos, pipes, and canals. It appears to have been used for producing chemicals or possibly water treatment and filtration. These areas are surrounded by dry or filled canals with bridges into an inner section with a chemical pool. A single Farmbot will spawn in the center, making exploration dangerous; though it is easily avoided as it always spawns in the same location and can be escaped using the canals.

A very large number of totebots plus a good amount of damaged crates and ruin chests spawn in the Silo District, making it an excellent place to farm for circuit boards late game. Haybots will not spawn in the Silo District.

Only one Silo District generates in the world, at a fixed location northeast of the Haymaze and due east of the Sleeping Capsule Scrapyard.


A Damaged Crate and Golden Damaged Crate are commonly found on the top of the tallest tower.


  • Landing pads identical to those in Creative Mode worlds can be found here.