Attack Damage5 (Normal)
20 (Easy)

Sledgehammer is a tool in Scrap Mechanic.


This mighty sledgehammer will let you push loose items around by hitting them. It can also be used to beat things back into place and to smash enemies' heads.

In Survival Mode, the Sledgehammer is one of the starting Tools and the first weapon the player gets. The player will start with one on the hotbar, and will always respawn with it. It will never be dropped on death.


Left-click swings the Sledgehammer, knocking any physics objects, dealing damage to Robots and Animals, and breaking materials (such as trees, chunks of wood, rocks etc.) into smaller parts.

In Creative Mode, holding right-click raises it into a blocking position.


  • Blocking is not available in Survival Mode, despite being designed for it. It is unknown if this feature was cut or if it is going to be added in the future.
  • In early Beta, the blocking animation was present in third person only. The mechanic would raise the Sledgehammer into position and immediately lower it. The game files contained first person blocking animations, including an animation that would play if the mechanic was hit while blocking. After an update, the first person animations could be seen in-game, except for the blocked hit animation. It could not be triggered to play due to player health not being present in Creative Mode.
  • The Sledgehammer hits with an impulse of 5000.0 newton-seconds. This is calculated by multiplying the mass of the hit shape (kg) by the increase of velocity (m/s).
  • Technically, there are two Sledgehammers: the Creative Mode and Survival Mode versions. The Creative Mode version has blocking and deals only 3 damage, while the Survival Mode version deals 5 damage and blocking is disabled. Unfortunately, only the Creative Mode Sledgehammer is available in the unlimited inventory accessed via Dev Mode.



  • 0.5.0
    • Tweaked timing of repeated swings.
  • 0.4.8
    • The Sledgehammer now has a proper item name in Survival Mode (previously "tool_sledgehammer").
  • 0.4.0
    • Renamed Sledge Hammer to Sledgehammer.
    • Crosshairs no longer change when within range of an object.
  • 0.3.0
    • Remade first and third person animations.
  • 0.1.30
    • Crosshairs now change when within range of an object.
  • 0.1.20
    • Blocking animation now appears in first person.


  • ???
    • Added Sledgehammer (as "Sledge Hammer").
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