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Spud Gun
Attack Damage28

Spud Gun is a tool in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[ | ]

A gun that shoots potatoes. It is one of only three handheld ranged weapons in the game.

Usage[ | ]

Left mouse shoots a potato. Holding right mouse aims down the makeshift sights, zooming in the player's view. This helps when shooting at distant targets.

The potatoes fired by the gun can destroy any block or part with 1 durability, are detected by Sensors, cause Explosive Canisters to explode, and can trigger Switches and Buttons. They cause a small amount of knockback on hit.

In Survival Mode, the Spud Gun requires Potatoes as ammunition.

The Spud Gun is currently the only weapon suitable for sniping.

Potatoes fired by the Spud Gun at soil mounds will plant a potato crop.

Obtaining[ | ]

The only way to obtain a Spud Gun is through Trading. It costs 2 Orange Crates, 2 Blueberry Crates, and 1 Caged Farmer.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Spud Gun is based on the potato cannon, which is also called a spud gun. "Spud gun" can also refer to a toy that fires small chunks of potato, though the Spud Gun is more similar to the potato cannon, as it fires whole potatoes.
  • The writing on the Spud Gun's barrel reads "PVC VACUUM TUBE".
  • Prior to Beta 0.4.0, players in Creative Mode would make a gasping noise when hit by a potato shot by another player.
  • In Survival, the Spud Gun is considered a tool, so is not dropped when your mechanic dies.
  • The Spud Gun was originally planned to have a limited ammo capacity and would have to be reloaded. Based on an early render, it would have had a capacity of 5 Potatoes.
  • In the unlimited developer inventory there is a placeable part named obj_tool_spudgun This part is used as a model for when you drop a tool out of your inventory. It is not obtainable in all 3 game modes normally.

History[ | ]

Beta[ | ]

Bugs[ | ]

If the player dies while aiming using scope, after respawning the speed effect from spudgun zoom will be applied to the player even when not holding it. This can be fixed by using the scope again.

Gallery[ | ]