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Survival Mode is a gamemode in Scrap Mechanic.


You’re a robot maintenance mechanic on a mission to a fully-automated farm planet. By sheer luck, you survive your spaceship crashing just before touchdown, but things are about to get worse! The Robots, originally programmed to harvest the land and send the produce to nearby planets, have gone haywire and are out to stomp you flat! Stranded on a planet full of rampaging robots, you and your friends have to use your wits, your imagination and wily knack of turning your surroundings to your advantage to stay alive!



  • Directly across from the doorway of the Crashed Maintenance Ship, there is a path leading to a small pond. Next to the pond is an area with a Water Bucket, Seeds, and Soil Bags. Take these by holding down right mouse and follow the Farming instructions depicted on the billboard to start growing some crops. Setting up a steady food supply as early as possible is very important.
  • The Water Bucket can extinguish the fires inside the Crashed Maintenance Ship.
  • The Crashed Maintenance Ship has two Beds that can be slept in. Doing so sets your spawn point to that bed.
  • There is a trail of Damaged Crates leading away from the Crash Site to the base of a Ruin. Scale this building to find the Master Battery needed to power up your crashed ship.
    • After extinguishing the fires inside the ship, the Getting Started quest will place a marker on the location of the Master Battery.
  • Once the ship is powered up, the Mini Craftbot will be available to use and you will be able to obtain the Logbook.
  • The Logbook can be used to enable waypoints on the Crashed Maintenance Ship and the nearest Mechanic Station. This will help you locate both structures.
  • The in-game time is displayed in the Logbook.
  • Holding F will allow you to place items that you are unable to place by default, such as Food and the Water Bucket. This is very useful, as the only containers on the ship are a Locker and a Broken Microwave, which have a combined total of only five item slots.
  • Growing more than nine crops in the same area will cause Totebots to attack your crops at midnight every night. More crops will cause larger attacks, potentially spawning Haybots as well. Either spread out your crops into small clusters, or be prepared to defend your crops each night.
  • The Burned Trees at the Crash Site drop Embers when destroyed with your Sledgehammer. You will need them later for crafting.
  • Picking up the Builder Guide near the Crashed Maintenance Ship will begin the Your First Car quest, which will walk you through the steps to build a vehicle.
    • You will have to collect a decent amount of Scrap Wood Block and Scrap Metal Block to craft the Interactive Parts required to build the vehicle. It is recommended that you use Scrap Wood Blocks as the basic building block for the first three steps, as it is much easier to obtain early in the game compared to Scrap Metal Blocks.
  • When you are ready, you can venture away from the Crash Site to find a road. Follow this road, as it connects many areas of interest.
  • The road will eventually lead to a Mechanic Station. If you have trouble finding it, enable its waypoint in the Logbook.
    • Completing the Getting Started quest will activate the Mechanic Station quest, which will place a marker at the nearest Mechanic Station.
  • The Mechanic Station is a building with a large illuminated wrench sign. It is is essential for progression, as it contains a Dispenserbot, where the Craftbot and other Crafting Stations can be created.
    • Similar to Getting Started, the Mechanic Station quest will guide you to the location of a second Master Battery needed to power the Mechanic Station.
  • If you ever find yourself struggling for Food, note that Woc Milk can be easily obtained by feeding Corn to Wocs.
  • Craft and place a Beacon to mark a point of interest so you can find it again later. The waypoints for individual Beacons can be toggled in the Logbook.
  • Continuing on the road to the east will take you to a Packing Station. Behind it to the north, there is a mountainous area. This area houses the Farmers Hideout.
  • Use Packing Stations to package Food into Produce Crates and haul them to the Farmers Hideout to use them in Trading.
  • The first Packing Station only packages vegetables (Tomatoes, Redbeets, Carrots, Broccoli). Further along down the road is a second Packing Station that packages fruits (Bananas, Oranges, Pineapples, Blueberries).
  • Trading is the only way to obtain a Spud Gun. In addition to the Produce Crate cost, you will need to find a Caged Farmer at a Campsite and transport it to the Farmers Hideout. A Spud Gun is the only practical way to take down a Farmbot to obtain a Warehouse Key.
  • Scattered around the map are Warehouses, which act as dungeons. Requiring a Warehouse Key to unlock, they have a higher chance of better loot compared to Ruins, but are inhabited by Tapebots. The tape rolls they launch at you are lethal, so bring a Spud Gun and proceed with caution!
  • Clearing a Warehouse has unique rewards: Broccoli and Pineapples, as well as the seeds required to grow them. These super-foods restore more Hunger and Thirst than any other crop. Crates of them can be traded for a Spud Shotgun and Spudling Gun.



  • 0.6.0
    • Added tutorial quests.
      • Getting Started, Mechanic Station, and Your First Car
    • Added on-screen hint messsages.
    • Added Builder Guide.
    • Added intro cinematic.
  • 0.5.0
    • Added Easy difficulty option.
  • 0.4.0
    • Added Survival Mode.