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Bug by lefting the driver seat[]

Hello, By playing the game and building vehicules in chalenge mode and creative mode, I found a bug when I left the driver seat. When I press a key to go foreward or backward and I left immediately, my characters go on the same direction. So if I leave the button pressed in the foreward direction for example, my character will go foreward so I can't go backward (if I press the key to go backward, my character will stop will the key is pressed). I think the problem is that the direction of the vehicule and the character are linked but I'm not sure. Waiting an answer Nicow 7703

I'm not sure what kind of answer you're expecting. This is a community-run wiki, so if you're reporting a bug, this is the wrong place. For that, you'll have to contact Axolot directly, either on Twitter or via Email. BoxFigs (talk) 15:19, 23 July 2020 (UTC)

Game stops responding when im playing.[]

I will start up scrap mechanic on steam, and after entering my world the game crashes.

I have checked my PC specs and they should be compatible with the games requirements.

Contact Axolot directly for technical help. This is just a community-run wiki. BoxFigs (talk) 03:09, 1 September 2020 (UTC)

pistons brakin bearings and the abillaty to walk on blocks[]

I built a piston elevator it glitch and now a 2year build i can only look at it and if I walk in it weel I clip into the walls ps the have no cloison is there a fix

Fatal error[]

the game keeps failing (fatally crashing without bugsplat) when selecting 'creative mode' on the main page--see screenshot.
this started happening after I deleted corrupted world files (in the files) for reference right after survival release, the rest of the game works fine.
I have tried all I can think of, fully deleting all files remotely connected to SM & uninstalling the game, reinstalling it, and I still have the same problem.
I've found a few other people who are having similar problems, here is a link to those discussions.

thank you if you reply ^-^. - Preceding unsigned comment was added by Hoshimi Draws (talk - contribs) at 23:03, October 21, 2020‎ (UTC). Please sign your posts with ~~~~

I figured it out, go to game properties in steam, turn steam synk OFF and Have fun ^-^
if this doesn't work, KEEP IT OFF and delete all files in "sores/AppData/Roaming/Axalot Games/Scrap Mechanic/user/user_###########/save". - Preceding unsigned comment was added by at 07:39, October 22, 2020 (UTC). Please sign your posts with ~~~~
For future non-wiki related enquiries, such as game discussion and issue reports, please refer to Game support. TheLOLxd2 talk 15:31, 24 October 2020 (UTC)

Error when connecting to a friend[]

When connecting to a friend on the server, I get the error "lost CONNECTION" and when he tried to connect to me, he got the error "lost CONNECTION". HELP PLEASE

vehicle re-spawns on its side[]

Is there any way to reset the default orientation of my son's vehicle? Everytime it respawns it's on its side and it's driving him and everyone around him crazy. Thanks, his mom.