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Timer Delay[]

I changed the output delay listed on the Timer page from two ticks to one tick, which is the same as a logic gate. I just wanted to explain how I determined this:

  • I placed a timer (delay set to 0 seconds/ticks) and an AND gate on a platform.
  • I connected both of these to an XOR gate. Since there are two inputs, the XOR gate will be ON whenever the inputs are different (01 or 10).
  • I connected one button to both the timer and the AND gate.
  • I pressed the button, activating both the timer and the AND gate. The XOR gate stayed OFF as I pressed and released the button. It would have flickered if the delays were different.

Therefore, I determined that a timer and a logic gate have the same output delay: one tick. --Ryanwogget (talk) 22:18, 14 October 2020 (UTC)