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Tapebot Icon.png
Attack DamageBlue: 55 (Normal)
Blue: 27 (Easy)
Red: 62 (Normal)
Red: 31 (Easy)

Tapebot is an enemy in Scrap Mechanic.


Tapebots attack by firing yellow tape rolls. It is one of the two robots in the game that has a ranged attack.

Tapebots spawn inside and outside Warehouses, and during Raids at level 7 and up.

Blue Tapebots deal 55 damage; therefore, they have the ability to kill the player in two shots.


Blue Tapebot[]

The standard common Tapebot.

Red Tapebot[]

A Red Tapebot.

Fires explosive tape rolls. Only found on the upper floors of Warehouses.

Its projectiles deal 55 damage on impact plus 7 blast damage, bringing the total damage from a direct hit to 62.


The Spud Gun is the only viable weapon against Tapebots, so it is practically a requirement to obtain one and a supply of Potato ammunition before entering a Warehouse. Otherwise, Tapebots will advance on a target if they cannot shoot at them, so moving behind hard cover like terrain will have them approach and possibly get into Sledgehammer range, though this can be a risky strategy to employ inside a Warehouse.

A single headshot will always destroy a Tapebot.

It is possible to hit their tape rolls back at them with the Sledgehammer, though this can be difficult to do.


Item Chance Quantity
None 50% -
Battery 35.7% 1
Component Kit 14.3%


  • Tapebots were built to tape up packages in Warehouses.
  • It is unknown what purpose Red Tapebots and their explosive tape rolls would have served. It is possible they were involved with packing explosive materials.
  • Their tape dispenser gib will fire a few rolls of their respective tape upon death. Fortunately, these tape rolls deal only 20 damage (27 for explosive tape), making them much less dangerous than the tape rolls they fire while alive.
  • Tapebots dealt only 30 damage in a pre-release version of Survival Mode. This was likely increased soon before the release of Beta 0.4.0 to make Warehouses more challenging.
  • Tapebots are currently the only robot in the game to have more than one variant.



  • 0.5.0
    • Updated Red Tapebot visuals.
  • 0.4.6
    • Explosive tape blast damage increased to 7 (formerly 5).
  • 0.4.0
    • Added Blue and Red Tapebots.