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Thruster is an item in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[ | ]

Enough of these can make things fly. Needs to be connected to a trigger or the Driver's Seat in order to activate.

In Survival Mode, Thrusters require Gasoline as fuel. It is recommended to connect them to Gas Containers, due to their high fuel usage.

Usage[ | ]

Press E on the Thruster to bring up the GUI. The slider allows you to adjust the force.

Use the Connect Tool to connect the thruster to a Driver's Seat or trigger. When connected to a Driver's Seat, holding W activates the thrusters. When connected to a trigger, the thrusters activate when the trigger is activated.

Crafting[ | ]

MetalBlock3 ComponentKit
40 10
01:02 (Level 5)

Upgrades[ | ]

Level 1 thrusters start with the first 3 power levels unlocked, and each subsequent upgrade level unlocks one additional power level. Upgrading also decreases the fuel usage rate. The thrust/fuel consumption ratio is solely dependent on the upgrade level, meaning all power levels are made more efficient upon upgrading.

Level Component Cost Component Cost
Weight Durability
Thruster - - 7 5
Thruster2 10 10 6 6
Thruster3 20 5 7
Thruster4 30 4 8
Thruster5 40 3 9

Power Levels[ | ]

Each power level has 1.5x the thrust as the previous level. It also uses fuel 1.5x as quickly. This means 2 thrusters of any power level produce as much thrust, and consume as much fuel, as 3 of the previous power level.

Strategy[ | ]

Upgrade Level Max Thrust Max Thrust

Per Component Kit

1 1x 1x
2 1.5x 0.75x
3 2.25x 0.75x
4 3.375x 0.84375x
5 5.0625x 1.0125x

Level 5 thrusters produce the most thrust per component kit, and are the most fuel efficient, and also weigh the least. By every metric, max-power level 5 thrusters are the most resource efficient.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Thruster's point of thrust is slightly offset, making balancing it with weight more difficult.

History[ | ]

Beta[ | ]

  • 0.4.0
    • Updated texture.
  • 0.1.18
    • Power adjustment GUI added.

Alpha[ | ]

  • ???
    • Added Thruster.