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Tile Builder is an editor in Scrap Mechanic.


The Tile Builder is used to create custom world tiles for use with the World Builder. It can be accessed through the Creative Mode menu.


When the Tile Builder is opened, it is an empty void of sky blue. On screen is the Tool Palette & the menus of whichever one of the Tile Builder Tools is selected, as well as a Tool Bar along the top of the screen.

Tool Bar[]

Across the top of the screen, there is a Tool Bar. It has the the following options.


Upon clicking File, a drop down menu will open, with 5 buttons:

  • "New - (Ctrl+N)" - Will open a menu for selecting the new tile's size (small, medium, large, extra large) & the option to either create or cancel.
  • "Open - (Ctrl+O)" - Will open a menu for loading in a tile, either one included in the game or a previous user-made tile. There are 5 togglable options on the right side; "Show Exports", "User Tiles", "Challenge Tiles", "Creative Tiles", & "Survival Tiles", each of which toggling their respective tile type's visibility in the list on the right, with "Show Exports" toggling the versions of files that have been uploaded to the workshop. There are three buttons in the bottom right of the menu, which are labeled Load, Delete, & Cancel. There is a preview image of the selected tile on the top right.
  • "Save (Ctrl+S)" (grayed out when no tile is loaded) - Saves the currently loaded tile. If the tile has not been saved previously, it will function instead like the "save as.. (Ctrl+Shift+S)" button.
  • "Save as.. (Ctrl+Shift+S) (grayed out when no tile is loaded) - Functions similar to the "Save (Ctrl+S)" button, however before saving, there is a pop-up text box for naming the file, with text reading "Save As:" just above the box, & the options "Ok" to save the tile as the name put in the box, & "Cancel" to cancel the save.
  • "Exit" - You exit the Tile Builder when clicked, returning to the Title screen.


When clicked, Editor gives the following 4 options:

  • "Grid Snap []" - Toggles snapping to the 0.25 grid, depending on whether the box is ticked. This only affects the moving of Assets & Harvestables, & the placement of new ones. The Terrain Height, Ground Texture, Ground Color, & Grass & Clutter tools are unaffected, & previously placed Assets & Harvestables will be offset from the grid by whatever they were relative to it before Snap was turned on. Snap not only locks Assets & Harvestables to being placed on a grid, but also locks the Move Tool to moving things in 0.25 increments, & the Rotate Tool to rotating things by 90° increments. Snap can also be toggled by pressing S.
  • "Show Grid []" Toggles the visibility of a 2D gridded plane just above the default ground height, depending on whether the box is ticked. This grid can be offset by pressing G, thus also offsetting the grid that newly added parts snap to.
  • "Reset Layout" - Does nothing yet.
  • "Reload Effects" - Does nothing yet.


When clicked, Share opens a menu for selecting player-made tiles to share on the Steam workshop. On the right is a list of tiles & in the top right corner is an image preview, similar to the window created by the "Open" option in the File drop-down menu, however the menu on the left only displays user-generated tiles. Additionally, in the bottom right corner, instead of the buttons "Load", "Delete" & "Cancel" lined up horizontally, there are two buttons labelled "Share" & "Cancel" stacked vertically.



  • 0.5.0
    • Added water.
    • Fixed an issue where tiles with multiple Terrain Asset Mod dependencies would not be saved properly.
    • Added an option to create assets with or without a random rotation.
    • Fixed tile icon rendering issues.
  • 0.4.0
  • 0.2.13
    • Added Tile Builder.