Scrap Mechanic Wiki

Tools are the foundation of advanced building in Scrap Mechanic. They are distinguished by a yellow dot in the inventory.

All Tools except for the Sledgehammer and Lift can be dropped. In Survival Mode, Tools do not drop on death.

Image Name Description
Lift.png Lift Build on the lift to create freely movable constructions that won't be fixed to the ground. Can be elevated and lowered as well as lift creations that have flipped over and save creations.
Sledgehammer1.png Sledgehammer This mighty sledgehammer will let you push loose items around by hitting them.
ConnectTool.png Connect Tool Every mechanic's favorite tool. Connects interactive parts together, for example: a gas engine to bearings or a thruster to a driver's seat.
PaintTool.png Paint Tool Paint any part or block to personalize your creations or even make beautiful art! Paint using the left mouse button and delete with the right. Press 'Q' to open the color selector. Simply hold down left mouse button and drag if you want to paint larger surfaces.
WeldTool.png Weld Tool Weld your creations together!

Select the Weld Tool and left-click on a loose creation then left-click on a surface of another creation to weld them together. You can also join touching parts on the lift. Hold the left mouse button on the first part and drag to the part you wish to weld together.

Toolframe3.png Handbook Contains all the information you need to learn how to build amazing machines and become a true Scrap Mechanic.
Spudgun.png Spud Gun The potato shooting spud gun is great for protecting yourself in dangerous situations. It can even break weaker block materials like cardboard and glass.
Spud shotgun icon.png Spud Shotgun Shoots sizzling hot fries in a spread.
Spud gattler icon.png Spudling Gun Shoots potatoes in a rapid fire. Uses a lot of potato ammo.