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Attack Damage15 (Normal)
7 (Easy)

Totebot is an enemy in Scrap Mechanic.


Totebots are small robots with six legs and a sparking, whip-like antenna on top of their heads. They attack with this antenna whip.

Totebots take three hits to destroy with either a Spud Gun, Spudling Gun, or the Sledgehammer, or one at point-blank range with a Spud Shotgun.

Totebots will always spawn during Raids.


Totebots have low health, their attacks do a small amount of knockback, and they are slow to attack. This makes it very easy to fight them. It is often possible to kill one with three quick Sledgehammer hits without them hitting back.


Item Chance Quantity
Circuit Board 100% 1
Totebot Head 20% 1

A Totebot Head will spawn as a lose block on the ground, not an item.


Red, yellow, and blue Totebot variants have been confirmed, each with their own types of attacks.

File:RedTotebot.png|A Red Totebot

The Red Totebot will carry 1-3 Small Explosive Canisters on its head. These canisters will detonate on contact with the player, or by shooting them with a Spud Gun. Red Totebots will spawn in and around the Propane Station structure in the Mining Island.


  • The name "Totebot" suggests that their intended function was to carry items around, though this is unclear.
  • Totebots can swim and won't hesitate to when water is blocking their way to crops during a raid.
  • A common unofficial name for the Totebot is "Whipbot", due to their antenna attack.
  • Totebots originally lacked their antennas, as they are seen without them in Devblog 18.



  • 0.4.0
    • Added Green Totebot.