Scrap Mechanic Wiki

The trading interface

Trading is the act of exchanging Produce Crates or Caged Farmers for items in Scrap Mechanic Survival Mode.


Trading is done at the Farmers Hideout located behind the Vegetable Packing Station in an area surrounded by mountains.

Produce Crates and Caged Farmers are dropped off at the Farmers Hideout collection pump. When a nearby button is activated, one object is sucked into the pump at a time. Trading is then performed via a GUI at a nearby window that opens when approached.


Item Cost
5 Soil Bag 1 Carrot Crate
10 Fertilizer 1 Redbeet Crate
5 Banana Seeds 3 Carrot Crate
5 Orange Seeds 3 Tomato Crate
5 Blueberry Seeds 3 Redbeet Crate
5 Cotton Seeds 3 Banana Crate
1 Saw Blade 4 Tomato Crate
1 Drill 4 Redbeet Crate
1 Mountable Spud Gun 2 Banana Crate
1 Blueberry Crate
1 Potato Ammo Container 1 Tomato Crate
1 Redbeet Crate
1 Spud Gun 2 Orange Crate
2 Blueberry Crate
1 Caged Farmer
1 Spud Shotgun 4 Broccoli Crate
1 Caged Farmer
1 Spudling Gun 5 Pineapple Crate
2 Caged Farmer
1 Garment Box (Common) 1 Orange Crate
1 Caged Farmer
1 Garment Box (Rare) 2 Broccoli Crate
2 Caged Farmer