Scrap Mechanic Wiki

Trees are a terrain feature in Scrap Mechanic.


In Survival Mode, Trees are the primary means of obtaining Scrap Wood Blocks and Wood Blocks. They can be found naturally in multiple Biomes and are common throughout the world. Trees have three sizes and four total variants:

  • Small: Birch
  • Medium: Leafy, Spruce
  • Large: Pine

Trees can be felled and broken down into smaller segments using the Sledgehammer or a spinning Saw Blade. Large trees will only take damage from the Saw Blade until broken down into logs.

When fully broken down, small and medium trees produce Scrap Wood Logs. Large trees produce Wood Logs. These logs can be refined or collected using a Resource Collector.

Trees do not currently respawn in Survival Mode, and it is not possible to grow them. Trees in Creative Mode are also destructible.


  • Broken Tree segments can be welded to creations. Initially, this was an unintended feature, but Axolot decided to keep it when players expressed disappointment over its removal.
  • At the time of Devblog 15, destructible trees were using old Creative Mode trees model and were instantly dropping 3 Scrap Wood Logs, this was changed in favor of an updated visual art style.



  • 0.4.5
    • Tree parts can be welded again.
  • 0.4.0
    • Added destructible Trees.