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***Yellow color
***Yellow color
*Possible Xbox One and PS4 support<ref></ref>
*Possible Xbox One and PS4 support<ref></ref>
*New wheel variants with "some fun extra features"<ref></ref>
*New wheel variants with "some fun extra features"<ref></ref> (possibly referring to the Sticky Wheels coming out in Chapter Two)
*"Ocean-based" [[Totebot]] variant
*"Ocean-based" [[Totebot]] variant
**Likely the Blue Totebot
**Likely the Blue Totebot

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This is a list of features that will be added to Scrap Mechanic at some point in the future. These features have been mentioned in devblogs and on Twitter.

Near Future

  • A major content update for Survival Mode, referred to as the "next chapter"
    • Quests
      • Managed through the Logbook
      • Involve new NPCs
        • Dialog via telephone
        • Farmer with binoculars, a walkie-talkie, and a whistle
        • Woc calf
    • Mining island
      • New, mostly underground area of the world
      • Accessed as part of a quest
      • Can tunnel underground using a vehicle
      • Structures
        • Underground Propane Station
          • Involves recharging a large "Freight Battery" that loses charge over time and needs a vehicle to transport it
    • Cablebot
    • Trash Bot
    • Red Totebot
    • Chili Pepper
      • Farmable crop
      • Attracts an unspecified type of robot
      • Possibly used in cooking a new food item that resembles a slice of pie (seen in Devblog 19)
    • Sticky Wheels
    • Plasma Drill
      • Can drill through some rocks found in the mining island
      • Can drill faster than the standard drill
    • Plasma Saw
    • Battery Generator
    • Turret Seat
      • Rotates with the camera
    • Wedge blocks
    • Sawbot
      • Used to craft wedges
    • Ore Collector
    • Crusher
      • Extracts minerals from ore
    • Cable roll crafting part
    • Multi-component kit
    • Gold
    • Warehouse changes and additions
      • New story elements and associated quests
      • Access to the Encryptors, so they can be disabled or removed
    • New Clothing
      • T-Shirts
      • Outfits
        • Welder
        • Miner
        • Tuxedo
        • Woc (possible)
        • Glowb (possible)
    • The ability to load blueprints with the Lift in Survival
      • Will require the items needed to build it
    • Digital clock
      • Displays the time
      • Can activate connected parts at a configured time of day
    • Digital sign
      • Three sizes
      • Can customize text color
    • Weather
  • Respawn Bed rework for balance reasons
    • Initially planned that beds would break after five uses, with an updated model to indicate the remaining uses
    • Final rework plans yet to be determined[1]
  • Tutorial part
    • Placed on a Lift to activate an interactive vehicle building tutorial

Around The Corner

  • A major content update for Challenge Mode, set to release in May 2022
    • 10 New Challenges coming to Master Mechanic Trials pack.
      • Completing all Challenges will grant player an exclusive outfit.
    • Bot Spawner
      • Available in Challenge Builder
      • Spawns a bot when triggered
      • Bot inherits the color of the spawner

Far Future

  • Dedicated servers
  • Server admin commands
  • Propellers
  • Wings
  • Possible Mac support
  • Achievements
  • Purchasable game Soundtrack in steam page


  • Leaked Outfits found in current Clothing Sets
    • Spacehiker
    • Duck
    • Jetpack (Possibly a backpack only item)
  • Folders for saved blueprints
  • Ladders
  • Jetpack
  • More than two binds per key
  • Controller support
  • Remote activation
    • Activate parts that belong to other creations
  • Ropes with physics
  • Exo-Suit
    • Likely a form of armor
    • Modifies player movement in some way, possibly by increasing speed
  • Scrapyard biome
  • Possible Xbox One and PS4 support[2]
  • New wheel variants with "some fun extra features"[3] (possibly referring to the Sticky Wheels coming out in Chapter Two)
  • "Ocean-based" Totebot variant
    • Likely the Blue Totebot