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IP blocks[]

Hello, Pcj here from the GRASP team. I noticed in the past you have used infinite global block to combat vandalism from IP addresses/users who aren't logged in. Per "Blocking users" on the help wiki, the standard for IP address blocks is two weeks, as IP addresses are dynamically assigned (and the smarter vandals/spambots use proxies/VPNs to show a false IP anyway). It would be preferable to only use two weeks, or short of that, at least make the block only local to this wiki. I'll be unblocking users whose blocks are past the two week limit. If there are any problems with that we can address them as they arise. Thank you. --Pcj (talk) 19:58, 21 September 2017 (UTC)

Oh, I wasn't aware of the two-week standard. Thanks for informing me. BoxFigs (talk) 17:43, 22 September 2017 (UTC)

UCX implementation[]

Hi! I’m Héctor, one of the Fandom Community Managers. I’m here to talk with you about the upcoming changes we will experiment on the wikis when the new UCX will be released. As a result, we’ll have to adapt the current content - mainly the design and implemented code - to ensure they’re compatible and operational.

Specifically talking, the UCX will mainly affect the Frontpage, the design (logo, background, favicon, themes), the CSS/JS used and some templates that should adapt their look to it. While the wiki will still be migrated some weeks later, I’m here to work alongside you to anticipate all the work regarding review, improvements and adaptation to the new skin.

If you agree, I’ll start soon, reviewing the mentioned elements and describing to you what work should be done. For the case of the design, I can work with the future version, that will be working once the wiki will be migrated. Regarding the frontpage, templates and the code, I can work and implement the changes now, to have them properly working both in the present and the future, but having all the changes done in advance.

Let me know if you have any comments about it and we can explore together the upcoming changes. Thanks! --CuBaN VeRcEttI (Contact) 18:08, 10 May 2021 (UTC)

Hi, thanks for letting me know about this. I suppose it would be better to start this sooner than later, since I expect all wikis will need to be moved to the new format at some point. I like that UCX seems to utilize more of the page width than the current Fandom design, which has always bothered me. It's a major reason why I favored Gamepedia before the merger.
I'm not really up on the CSS and JS stuff; all my technical work on the wiki has been with templates. Pcj probably knows much more than I do about that. There is one unique CSS feature on this wiki that I know of, though: the "bar-display" class. It's used in the Bar template, which is subsequently used in the Infobox gear and Statbox templates. The class was created to improve loading times of pages using Statbox, which use numerous instances of that template. Its wide usage means it's important that it gets carried over properly. BoxFigs (talk) 00:38, 12 May 2021 (UTC)
Unfortunately, Pcj is also busy with all this work we're doing for all the top Fandom and Gamepedia wikis, so that's why I'm here to support him. Anyway, I can talk with him if I have any issue on this wiki. bar-display is included in the common.css, so it will still be working in the UCX.
I'm doing a general quick check to the wiki, to detail what it currently needs (while most of them typically need the same, based in the new changes and where the style were put). --CuBaN VeRcEttI (Contact) 09:21, 19 May 2021 (UTC)
I've finished the review:
-The sections of the frontpage don't have the style. We have to move it and adapt it from the hydra pages to the new UCX skin page.
-We have to define the 2 new themes and re-upload the logo and the favicon.
-The rest of code seems fine and compatible with both themes. Nevertheless, I've found some tables that have concrete style in the pages (like in Tools or Blocks). To be compatible with both themes, they shouldn't have concrete style on them (like Parts), or define the style using classes (and later defining the classes in the CSS pages). You can anticipate that work, checking all the pages using tables (same for each kind of template) with concrete design code on them, and move that concrete code to the CSS pages (and then we can easily deal with it in a comfortable and standardized way for all at the same time). --CuBaN VeRcEttI (Contact) 09:46, 19 May 2021 (UTC)

Opt-in release[]

Hello again! As we have announced in our new blog, the opt-in exploration is available to you now! You can basically take a look at the main areas of the wiki, but as I explained the main things you should keep into account are the frontpage, the tables and their style, and other templates like infoboxes and navboxes. All of this, always thinking about the option of switching between the light and dark theme and all the content should be readable and adapted to both at the same time. In addition, all the wikis have to create a combination of colors for the light and dark theme, using the ThemeDesigner tool, and also re-upload the logo and favicon, and optionally the background (but it will work differently as header background, so it’s up to you what we’ll do with it on your wiki).

I already adapted the content and code to be compatible with FandomDesktop (the new skin), and also created the 2 themes and re-uploaded the assets. You can perfectly make any change to the ThemeDesigner and/or the Mediawiki pages, but I really encourage you to talk with me first. I’ve been adapting it, and I put some concrete stuff (colors in the ThemeDesigner, code in the MW pages and in one page but not another) for concrete reasons (basically to have all compatible with both themes), so to be more practical I think it’s better if we discuss about any proposal/issue/preference you could find/want before make changes.

Use some days to explore the new skin and how your wiki looks, especially if it's properly shown with both themes. If you think it's 100% ready, feel free to go to the Admin Dashboard and click on the "Mark as Ready button. It implies your confirmation the wiki is ready and can be migrated when its turn will come. Thanks for everything! --CuBaN VeRcEttI (Contact) 16:17, 10 June 2021 (UTC)

UCX migration[]

Hello again! As we announced in our last blog post, we started the migration of the first batch of wikis to the UCX some days ago. Your wiki wasn’t migrated yet because you weren’t marked it as ready in the Admin Dashboard, but we expect to migrate a second batch of wikis in the next few days, including yours. Do you have any concrete blocker for this? I already worked on the adaptation of the wiki, so theoretically it shouldn’t have any critical  blocker to stop the migration. Thanks! --CuBaN VeRcEttI (Contact) 10:43, 6 July 2021 (UTC)

There aren't be any "blockers", as far as I'm aware. That special page doesn't exist on this wiki, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to mark it as ready. BoxFigs (talk) 00:33, 8 July 2021 (UTC)
As far as I know, any admin can access to the Admin Dashboard. Once there, the "Mark as Ready" button is on the right column. CuBaN VeRcEttI (Contact) 17:14, 8 July 2021 (UTC)
When I click on that link, it says "No such special page You have requested an invalid special page." BoxFigs (talk) 23:27, 9 July 2021 (UTC)

I can't publish the mod in the steam workshop.......[]

Hello BoxFigs! I wanted to ask.... What should I do in my situation? I created a mod for scrap mechanic and it works in the game. But it can't be published in steam. When I click the upload mod button in the mod tool, a job is created in my workshop. But it has a weight of 0.000 MB. And even when I run the mod tool program, when selecting a mod, the preview is not shown in it and it says it weighs 98 MB 0 interactive parts 0 blocks 0 parts, but this is not so! I reinstalled the game and mod tool in advance by disabling the steam cloud and deleting the Axolot games folder, but it didn't help. I also unsubscribed from all the work in the workshops, but this also did not help... Do you know what the problem is? WolflineSaikon

Why are you asking me? I don't know anything about modding this game. I'm just a community wiki admin. Try the Steam forums or contact Axolot. By the way, I see you copied a staff member's signature from above and modified it to create your own. Instead, please use four of these ~ to generate a signature. BoxFigs (talk) 03:03, 13 July 2021 (UTC)
(I asked you because I thought that if you are a site administrator, perhaps you participated in the creation of a modding page in this wikipedia. If it turned out to be there would be a chance that you know what the problem is or have good connections with the developers of Scrap Mechanic.)
I'm just desperate... I tried to do everything I could, but I didn't succeed. The only option is to reinstall the operating system... But in my case, this is too risky.......
I have asked many mod creators about my problem, but they all say "IDK". I wrote to the post office Axolot "" there was no response after that. Is there any other way to contact Axolot? WolflineSaikon (talk) 21:39, 13 July 2021 (UTC)
You can try Twitter (@ScrapMechanic), though there's no guarantee that they'll respond there either. BoxFigs (talk) 23:30, 13 July 2021 (UTC)