Scrap Mechanic Wiki

Overview[ | ]


Vehicles are a very important aspect of the game. They have many uses, such as transporting players, cargo, etc. and can be used for mining rocks or chopping down trees. Several types of vehicles can be made such as cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, boats, and more.

Power Sources[ | ]

The Main Power Sources in the game include electric, gas and thrusters.

Some creative mechanics have found out how to make engines out of pistons or controllers.

How to make a good vehicle[ | ]

First you want to figure out what you want your vehicle to do. Is it a Land Vehicle, Boat or Plane?

Land Vehicle[ | ]

Your Land Vehicles can be used for different things. Pick the build you want to do now.

Resource gather

  1. Build a base on a lift.
  2. Build some wheels, make the front ones turnable.
  3. Add an engine.
  4. A Drill or Saw is needed. Make one and place it on a rotatable pillar.
  5. Your Resource Gatherer is done.

Travel[ | ]

Choose the kind of travel vehicle you want.


  1. Make a chassis.
  2. Use suspension to connect it to a main level.
  3. Put in an engine on the chassis.
  4. Add the wheels.
  5. Your scouter is ready!


  1. Make a chassis.
  2. Add suspension supporting a covered platform
  3. Make some storage space
  4. Add a respawn bed.
  5. Place the engine under the Main Platform.
  6. Add a space for the wheels under the machine to protect them.
  7. You might want to add a saw blade on a piston for protection or a mounted spud gun on a bearing on top.
  8. Your tank is ready!

Off roader

  1. Make a chassis.
  2. Using a paint tool, paint it your faviroue/peffered colour.
  3. Add suspension to a main platform.
  4. Try making it as light as possible but still usable; remove not-needed items.

Flyer[ | ]

Flyers are more of a later game thing. They chug gas and are expensive in the beginning.

Once you make your flyer it is worth it. You can fly above the trees and zoom across the map (bring extra fuel!). If you chose this one, lets get building!

  1. Make a small platform.
  2. Add a drivers seat.
  3. Add thrusters to the corners.
  4. Do the wiring.
  5. Try flying, is it balanced?
  6. If not, then add weight to that side. Keep testing until balanced.

Shipping[ | ]

Ever wanted to use a Farmers Hideout? You need a vehicle for shipment there. Use this recipe to make one!

  1. Add a chassis.
  2. Add a large chest and a vaccum pump sticking out the back.
  3. Add a main platform with lots of storage space.
  4. Make the wheels.
  5. Wire up the machine.

Hybrid Vehicle Power[ | ]

To make a vehicle hybridly powered, add a gas engine and an electric engine each powering a different set of wheels. This will mean you can use both batteries and petrol for power. This is more efficient for scouters as you might have batteries only but your car runs on petrol.