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Warehouse is a structure in Scrap Mechanic.


Warehouses are massive structures generated in Survival Mode worlds. A Warehouse Key is required to access a Warehouse. Warehouses have multiple types of floor variations and can spawn with two, three, or four floors. Farmbots will spawn near the largest Warehouses, which have four floors. Warehouses are currently the most dangerous area in Survival Mode.

Note that if you somehow get onto the roof of a Warehouse and insert the key there, the doors will not open.


Warehouses contain a lot of Blue Tapebots, as well as Red Tapebots on certain floor types, so it is advised to have a Spud Gun to destroy them from afar. It is possible, although very difficult, to dodge or hit tape rolls until you get within Sledgehammer distance.

Warehouses are the only source of Broccoli Seeds and Pineapple Seeds. There are Damaged Crates scattered throughout containing regular loot as well.

Warehouse roof

Loot Room[]

A hidden room contains three to four Golden Damaged Crates and a Chest that always contains the following items:


Warehouses have a multitude of different floor types. although each floor is composed of at least 2 types.

Type Rarity Layout Notable Features
Utility 200%+ (always appears at least twice) Tall and narrow, these corridors take long twists and turns,

as well as having a behind-the-scenes passage system accessible in the corners.

On the higher floors, the Utility rooms can be covered in tape and the music will ramp up, alongside the content of Tapebots.

Elevators can only generate in these rooms, but not all Utility rooms contain an elevator.

They are denoted by a "Utility" sign.

Storage hallway 90% Wide and tall, these areas are filled with boxes and crates, which sometimes hide tapebots. they also have large ramps that lead up to other areas.

These floors open up to small and large vertical storage rooms, as well as vent systems.

The vent systems always come in pairs and can be long or short, and snake around each other.

These areas are sometimes denoted by a "Storage" sign, but because of how it connects to rooms it doesn't always appear.
Offices 70%/21%* Offices are small, semi cramped areas filled with Tapebots, and loot. there are three main parts to this floor type. the corridors, the office areas, and the executive rooms. Loot is most commonly found in the executive rooms.

Rarely, they can be in an "under construction" type, where the walls, floor and roof is exposed and broken, with carpet rolls and consruction pieces everywhere. there are occaisonally holes in the floor revealing the pipes below, as well as stairs to take you to the next level. they almost always generate a second floor.

There are lots of desks and tables in the office rooms to provide cover from the Tapebots.

Offices are denoted by an "Office" Sign

Washroom 40% Washrooms generate off of Offices, Utility and Storage hallways, either as small two sections, or large four sections. The washrooms usually spawn 0-2 Tapebots. Some of the cubicles are bricked up from the inside. "Bathroom" signs denote these rooms.

The "Male" and "Female" signs have their heads covered with a drawing of a Farmbot head.


It is best to approach the Warehouse slowly as Tapebots can surprise you and kill you easily. Having quick reflexes enables you to destroy them quickly without getting shot. Tapebots have extremely fast reaction times, meaning as soon as they see the player they will shoot. Whenever possible, take them out from a distance.

Keep your back to the walls and corners of a room and slowly approach any turns or doorways, carefully scanning for enemies. A methodical approach is the best way to stay alive.

The Spud Gun is currently the best weapon against the Tapebots because of its high accuracy, but the Spud Shotgun is also effective in the offices. It is advised to carry a lot of Potato ammo.

Building is not allowed except on the Lift. Removing objects is also disabled, due to an Encryptor. You can get in odd places by building seats or explosives on the Lift.

Since all Warehouses have one main loot room on the final floor, and since smaller Warehouses have less resistance, it is ideal to spend Warehouse Keys on 2-floor Warehouses.

It is always good to bring Food that restores a high amount of hunger, such as Bananas, Blueberries, or Carrots. This is because Tapebots take more than half of your health per hit in normal difficulty and about 25% of your health on easy difficulty(difficulty settings are in the test branch, tapebots deal about half damage in the public release). Regenerating this lost health will deplete your hunger bar rapidly. Pizza Burgers and Veggie Burgers are great for emergencies if you have the resources to make them, since they both restore full health in addition to hunger and thirst. When playing with friends, Revival Baguettes are highly recommended in case someone goes down.

Due to how easy it is to get knocked out by Tapebots, one should bring a bed just outside of the Warehouse and a safe distance from any robots. A supply of extra food and potatoes at your respawn point is also useful for re-entering the warehouse.

Tapebots can easily ambush a player around corners, especially in tight corridors. However, they are also attracted to sound; to flush out a Tapebot from behind a corner, simply fire into that corner and then quickly fire upon them, from behind cover when possible.

Tapebots may also be behind various tape barriers blocking off doorways. Its recommended that you try to look behind the tape to see if there's any bots before breaking down the barrier.

If you need to return to base to resupply, Tapebots do not immediately respawn if you leave and come back.


Warehouses will have new story elements and quests associated with them. Also, the Encryptors inside will be able to be disabled and/or removed. Trash Bots will be added to the roofs of Warehouses.


  • Warehouses used to be storage facilities. After the Tapebots went haywire, they covered many areas of Warehouses with tape.
  • The different corridors in the warehouse are actually blueprints welded seamlessly to each other.
  • Warehouse interiors are treated by the game as a separate space from the rest of the world.


As of version 0.4.3 (and all previous versions), there is a chance that elevators in the Warehouse can become stuck. It is recommended to keep backups of your save files found in appdata/roaming/Axolot Games/Scrap Mechanic/User/User_<Steam ID>/Save/Survival. Other players have noted that you can use the Lift to prevent the doors from closing completely so if the next floor fails to load, you can still leave. As it stands right now, it seems there is no way to fix the elevator if this happens, and you will be unable to access any more floors (confirmation needed).