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A Woc in Survival Mode.

Woc is an animal in Scrap Mechanic.


Wocs are friendly, cow-like alien animals in Survival Mode. They have blue fur and udder-like appendages on their heads.

Wocs spawn in Meadows, Fields, and Forests. They despawn if not fed for 30 days, so if you want to cage them in, you will need to feed them at least once every 30 days to keep them.

Wocs are ragdolled when hit with the Sledgehammer. They will flee from the player when they recover, so the best method of killing one is to hit it repeatedly to keep it stunned until it dies.


Wocs can be fed three Corn to produce Woc Milk. To do this, place Corn near the Woc. It will then walk to the Corn and eat it. After eating its third piece of Corn, the Woc Milk will appear. This can be repeated indefinitely, with Woc Milk being produced for every three Corn eaten by the Woc.


Item Chance Quantity
Woc Steak 100% 1


  • Wocs are hunted by Haybots and Totebots and are often killed by them. This is why dropped Woc Steak can sometimes be found in areas where Wocs spawn.
  • Woc is "Cow" backwards.
  • All Wocs have the Sunshake logo shaved onto their left haunches. This, and the fact that Sunshake Vending Machines have "HOW ABOUT UDDRINK?" written on their sides, suggests that Sunshakes are made from Woc Milk.
    • This also suggests they are escaped dairy farm animals.
  • Inside Warehouses, Woc Crates can be found. Evidently, Tapebots were packing up Woc corpses after they went haywire.