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World Builder is an editor in Scrap Mechanic.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The World Builder is a tool to create new world types, along with the original "Flat" and "Terrain". To use the World Builder, you must click the "Create Terrain" button in the main menu, and click the "World Builder" option. The World Builder itself uses tiles made in the Tile Builder. The tiles are aligned on a grid (unless "Free Placement" is turned on), and have various sizes, including Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The tiles are twice bigger than the last (for example, the small tile is 64x64 while the medium tile is 128x128). On the left side is a set of tools, including a cursor tool and three eraser tools of sizes Small, Medium, and Large. The cursor tool allows you to rotate and delete specific tiles. On the right side is the world name and the "Save World", "Load", "Steam Workshop", and "Main Menu" buttons.