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World Builder is an editor in Scrap Mechanic.


The World Builder is a tool to create new world types. It uses a set of pre-made tiles and any tiles made with the Tile Builder.


The World Builder is accessed by selecting Creative Mode, then pressing the World Builder button on the right.

The viewport can be zoomed in and out with the scrollwheel and rotated by holding down the right mouse button. The WASD keys move the camera forward, left, right, and backward. The top left corner contains the selection tool and three sizes of eraser tools. With the selection tool, left click to select a tile. Selected tiles can be moved by dragging, rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise, or deleted. The eraser tools will erase any tiles touching it upon left-clicking.

The Clear World button removes all tiles, with a confirmation before doing so. Free Placement controls if tiles are allowed to intersect with each other.

Available tiles are shown at the bottom of the screen. This list can be filtered by tile size: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Each tile size is two times larger than the previous size (for example, Small tiles are 64x64 while Medium tiles are 128x128).

When choosing a tile from the list, the current tool will become deselected, entering tile placement mode. When in tile placement mode, pressing Q or Shift+Q will change the rotation of the placed tiles. Selecting a tool will exit tile placement mode.

On the right side is a set of options:

  • World Name: Names the current world type so that it can be saved.
  • Save World: Saves the world type. This will make it available to use as a new world type when creating a new Creative world.
  • Load: Loads a saved world type.
  • Steam Workshop: Opens the Steam Workshop, filtered with the "Tile" tag.
  • Main Menu: Exits the World Builder and returns to the main menu.
    • If you have unsaved changes, will NOT prompt you to save the world type!

Ctrl+Z will undo the last action performed.


  • Despite being updated with the new Creative Mode tiles added in 0.5.0, the World Builder itself still uses the old UI style from Beta versions prior to 0.4.0.